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Hello to my incredibly small readers, and welcome to my intimate session of challenging minds.

Thank you for deciding to click and stop by to this humble page.

This blog carry a purpose to document my phase of grow as a man, and as a human in beyond, and I have intended to launch this blog in my 25th birthday, because it is special intersection to me : it’s nearly half of my time to live in this world, and I decided to contemplate to it. This is the exact point where I need to look back things that I’ve done, and plan sharply what I will do in the future  to be a better person, and most importantly, to seize the moment, be completely presence in in every moment, one of its way is to write about things that I think, feel, and do.

What will you find in my writing is all things around creativity and productivity. Why? Creativity is my passion, and I find some particular interest in productivity, and I do truly hope that my writing could help people to enhance what they do related in both fields. Because the preferably human being is a human being that useful to others. In the other hand, it helps me personally to keep learn and improve as human, by reflect and share my knowledge and experience.

So there it goes, you will find this greetings keep changing over time, as I experienced moments through life.

I’ll close this with my mantra :

“The Earths is never in hurry, yet everything accomplished”

Glad to have you guys in this voyage!


Alby Rachman Padmakusumah

find me on Instagram to get intimate in my daily : @albypadmakusumah


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