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Millennials: A Prologue

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For us to be in the same frequency, Millennials is a generation who born between 1980 until 2000, or also called as Gen Y. So yes, I am Millennials, and probably most of you who read this article are Millennials too. This is my generation. This is your generation. This is ours.

Why is this so important to understand this? Consider this is a part of our journey to understand ourselves, before we know where to go, first we have to understand where are we from, yes? All set then, let’s continue.

Number of Millennials population are around 2.5 billion worldwide, and it caught global attention, to become understand more about this generation, as in business perspective, both as a market, also as highest number of workforce in 2020, and the number will increase until 2030. In percentage? Say 50% of workforce in 2020, and 75% of workforce in 2030, globally.

Here comes interesting part, so then if we could understand life of Millennials, we could optimize them to fullest potential as workforce, while we could drive them as a market. But wait, it’s not as easy as it says. Have a peek with me, take a closer look about this, shall we?

To understand Millennials is kind of lifetime learning – fast adapt, rapid changing, so by this article, my intention is to raise your awareness that this is happening, and we have to understand it fast. So we know how to treat ourselves personally, and engage other Millennials – it could be your co – workers, your market, partners, and others that attach in your ecosystem of life.

TIME magazine, published in May 20th, 2013 had an interesting cover that said “ME ME ME GENERATION – Millennials are lazy, entitled narcissists who still live with their parents, yet why they’ll save us all”, it describes perfectly, that Millennials are generation who thinks themselves first, before others. Not solely in terms of ego, but on confident. Pay attention for this : things that driven Millennials are no longer material, but immaterial, such as achievement, passion, inspiration, culture, and happiness. It answers some of phenomenon, such as :

  1. The emergence of young Entrepreneur in diverse fields : tech, design, education, etc., in short, they wanna make a world a better place to live.
  2. Durability of work in one place, they prefer to work in a start up business with small salary, but believe the company will create a positive impact, rather than in conventional company (re : bank, insurance, finance, etc.), at least these 2 phenomenons happened in my environment. Arguable off course, I’d really love to hear your opinion especially on this, please fill the comment below, I’m all ears.

It because they believe, confident enough, that they can lead from whatever position that they’re in.

Every Generation brings new set of values, and Millennials’s mantra is work – life blend, consider work – life balance is no longer relevant for them. This is their main culture, whereas it creates an impact on how we communicate and engage, both personally and professionally. They don’t mind accessing their work life during their personal life, but they also want to access their personal life during work. Millennials aren’t going to turn off their personal lives for eight hours.

Off course, we could talk, discuss, argue about this back and forth, all night long. But I expect this piece would add up into your knowledge, invite your curiousness, and raise your awareness. There will be other specific topic on Millennials in another issue, along my study develop on this.

My sincere thank you for reading to the final words.

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