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Personal Habit Hack

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I’ve been experiencing self – crashed on the day I wrote this. I woke up early, did my morning routine – coffee, cigar, bath, breakfast, and went to the office. Then I sat down, open my laptop, and I don’t know what to do, literally. Just there, can’t think, can’t write, can’t do anything. Super weird.

Self – crashed. It was Friday, August 5th 2016, and everything seems fine at first. I came around 10 o’clock, and it was near to Friday prayers time. So I decided to leave my laptop and just clean my desk. Because of my roles and position as Chief Managing Officer in POT Branding House and TABO Construct, I am kind like a hoarder. Papers everywhere, invoices, documents, etcetera etcetera. It’s a habit, when much things going on around, I always clean up things. Either it cloths, documents, floor, bed, kitchen, or anything that could be clean up at the moment. It feels when I clean up those things, the challenges that I am experiencing are on cleaning process too, and it is the least I can do, to gain control over myself and the environment. I always feel relief and more calm after.

So, after Friday prayers, the desk cleaned up, I closed my laptop, and just be still. Breathe and be mindful.

Then I talk to myself.

I ask myself why this self – crashed happen, and I came up with an idea : it’s not the desk I should clean up, but first, I have to keep myself in order.

I tried to imagine on how my ideal life in a day. I went deeper, and all of these came out :

  1. You really need to wake up early, do the Fajr prayer, it’s the gate of sustenance throughout all of your day. Promise yourself, do it!
  2. After that, do your exercise, do breathing practice and stretching at minimum, but aim for morning run, everyday!
  3. Be mindful on your breakfast, eat carefully, pay attention to your food. Do not let your stomach take control over you.
  4. Do your Dhuha prayer, be confidence to start the day, by Allah know the best for the day. You are abundance.
  5. Do your good deeds, by everyone expect the best of yourself. Remember, you are enough.
  6. At the office, start by checking all the tools you responsible of. Read or watch insightful material, less entertainment. Be productive on your first quarter of your day.
  7. Pay attention to your lunch, 1 portion of rice and 2 side dishes is enough. Avoid too many spices, it’s bad for your stomach. Eat more healthy food, think as it an investment for your future. Drink more of mineral water.
  8. It’s time to break for your Dzuhr prayer, spend an hour to talk to everyone, ask their condition, what’s on their mind, is it all good?
  9. Take your second quarter  as your peak performance of the day. Make sure all of today’s tasks be done!
  10. Do your Ashr prayer, take a breath, be mindful, stay calm, shake it a little bit, and focus. Make today count!
  11. Close your third quarter to plan and track all the plans that you’ve made, be responsible with the plans that you’ll make. Honor your words with action!
  12. Don’t forget to call your beloved ones, be they are your parents, spouse, best friends. It’s your key of happiness. After all the works you have done today, you deserve some love and laugh from them.
  13. Close your final quarter with Maghrib prayer, and fill it with gratefulness, that you’ve done your best today, and best results will follow after, and thank Allah by His permission all of it won’t be waste.
  14. Go home and rest. Ask your family on how’s their day going. Catch up!
  15. Do your Isya prayer, enough for a day. Let go your life in your sleep, and pray to see another morning. Do not fall into arrogance, be thankful.

It was unexpected discovery, yet it feels really, really good. Make no mistake, it’s actually hard to accept advice from yourself. But you should listen to it.

It is your true voice who talks.

I am writing this piece as self – reminder, it doesn’t mean that I have done all the list, it is still far away honestly, but I did my first baby step, and I think this is the key for Personal Habit Hack : Day Visualization. It would help you to define which habits are helping you and which one are hurting you.

It is not that we have a short time to live, but that we waste a lot of it.

We’re in the age of our peak time, as busy as we ever be, yet it comes with so many distractions where we tend to forget of what is important for us, what do we really need. Start with re – construct our daily habits, be awake and aware on every little decisions that we make in a day.

We should have more a date with ourselves, don’t we?

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