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Origin Story Of POT

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Disclaimer : all the insights and perspectives on this article are pure personal author experience. It does not represent POT Branding House as a company. The intention of this article is to share a different angle of the story of the company.

Since there’s so many people who asked about how I along with 3 Co – Founders started the company, I think it is a good thing to share the story in form of article.

Started with 9 people with multi – disciplinary background and expertise. Long story short, after back and forth tuned the vibe and frequency in several meetings, there were only 4 people left. Rest of 5 people choose their own path, and we respect their decision.

Meet Bayu Rengga Mauludy, Kresna Akhmadi Dwitomo, Yurian Anjana Kusumah Harli, and Alby Rachman Padmakusumah. These 4 people put their believe in the company, we saw so much potential and how far POT Branding House could go.

Here we are, 3.5 years strong sailing in this benevolent sea of dream and fear. We defy establishment under constant uncertainty, then we consciously choose to become more versatile in tiny changes or even in radical changes. Personally I think, this is the very factor that always served us well in many moments, especially in hard times.

Started in a garage of one of our friend’s house, who kindly let us to use his space, we built POT Branding House with zero capital, depended only with 3 things that we had : idea, skill, and network. We crafted our Company Profile, and did an email blast to every potential contact that we had back then. It just a few sentences in writing, but in a real practice, we’ve experienced almost 24 months of uncertainty, in every spectrum of business we could think of. We start, we commit, we take the risk. That’s that.

We’d like to use this opportunity to give shout outs and our sincere gratitude for our clients, we divided them into 3 Waves :

1st Waves (March 2014 – February 2015)

Woople; Truno Grooming Room; Chow Time!; Little Subway; HATCH; Billy Tailored; Goodism Inc.; HMGNC; Kakatu; MATOA Indonesia; MOUTON; Teras;

2nd Waves (March 2015 – February 2016)

Bisma Karisma; Oaksva Jewelry; Glintz Shoes; TABO Indonesia; KAMARA Spa; AMBLE Footwear; Harum Rasa Nusantara; Mediatrac (who now has awesomely re-brand into Dattabot by Thinking*Room); Kolektif Market; Edu Global Indonesia; Eduplex; Dapurasa;

3rd Waves (March 2016 – February 2017)

Fio Home; Publington; Jualia; Youniverse; Pix and Stacy; TAVT Media; Saliha; Unique Indonesia; MBA ITB; FKG UNPAD; Codigo; Cabana Surf & Stay; FAMO; Zanana; Nastari; Telkomsel; Elsewhere and World Wide Wear (our 1st and 2nd International Client from Qatar, yeay!)

And for all the partners, mentors, vendors, talents, and every stakeholder that have been sailing with us then and now, thank you!

We’ll take a look on macro challenge that has been encountered by POT Branding House, shall we? It is a certain challenge to encounter the threats of the new entrance, say in this context, a younger design studio who bring the new spirit and taste, that more relevant on nowadays needs, in the other hand, to compete with older design studio who has more experience, mature taste, and trusted. But we’re here for the long game, the infinite game, where the quest is not how to beat others, or about winner and loser, but on how we could perpetually makes ourselves stay relevant. We’ll talk about it on other article sometimes soon, okay?

Because the true joy comes not from winning, but from advancement, getting better everyday and from sharing with others. For challenge is our pulse, and grateful is our force.

And now we’re at the state on getting ready for the next round, ensuring the last quarter of 2017 ended with full of gratefulness. Hope you guys are hustling as we do.

Your time is precious, so thank you so much for reading this article until the end of it.


About the author :

Alby Rachman Padmakusumah is a Creativepreneur, Co – Founder and Managing Director of two companies, POT Branding House, an integrated branding studio and TABO Indonesia, civil and interior contractor . Known as Candor Commander as his personal values, he’ll become a humble conversationalist on Company Culture and Creativity.


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