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INSPIGO Skills For 2020

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This is a super late article. But there is a particular reason, it was because I need time to digest the experiences from the event. Then my digesting experience led me to 2 major points :

“Showmanship and National Level of Frequency”

I have been a fan of Yoris Sebastian for around 8 years now, since his first book titled “Creative Junkies”  launched. I love creativity, and my dream is always to live in Creative Industry, and here in Indonesia, if you search a person that super related with the word of “Creative” then he is the man you are looking for. I’ve been chasing an opportunity to have a direct experience with him, and this event was it.

His company, Oh My Goodness consulting – a creative empowerment business, had 10th anniversary, and he decided to collaborate with his new company named Inspigo – an apps if you need an inspiration on the go, to create an one day event : Inspigo Meet The Rockstars presents : Skills For 2020, sponsored by Bank Central Asia. This event was a massive success in my humble opinion, located in Starium by CGV Grand Indonesia,  around 500 tickets sold out, with 3 main speakers :

  1. Ernest Prakasa – Stand Up Comedian, Actor, and Director, on Cognitive Skill
  2. Alamanda Shantika – Co – Founder of Binar Academy, on Critical Thinking
  3. Wishnutama – CEO of NET TV, on People Management

This event mainly talk about the upcoming disruption in our industry that predicted to be happened in 2020 by World Economic Forum. There are 10 skills that could not be replaced by Artificial Intelligence technologies in the era of Industry 4.0., but this event only cover 3 of them, the content of discussion displayed in images below. You, my fellow readers, could do your own research if you are interesting with this topic further. It is important for majority of us, at least for me who runs human capital based business, to understand deeper about this topic. Thanks Inspigo for bringing this topic to the surface!

About the experience itself, to be candor, I came with no expectation, emptying my glass, so I was ready to be filled with new knowledge, networks, and exploration.

And I have to say, when I arrived in CGV Grand Indonesia, the room has been filled with so many experienced people. My best guess was they are in M – Level or might be a C – Level in their company they work with. I did not find anyone that I know, it was really a whole new level of circle.

It was super intense, competitions were on. I felt that many of the audiences has same level of skill with the speakers, at least in context they know what industry they were in and really know what they do in work. They were all experts.

But even so, my key takeaway for that day was, all the speakers including Yoris as a host and moderator, have two major differences with all the audiences, which I mentioned above : Showmanship and National Level of Frequency.

As a showman or in this case, show woman if there is any term of it, Ernest, Alamanda, Wishnutama, and Yoris really owned the stage when they speak. They made each of their session somehow as a show, not just ordinary seminar or talk show. They were able to play with the audience’s emotion, and ensure the audiences pay attention when they spoke, all 500 of them. It was a strange feeling for me to see how 1 people in the front has that so much gift, ability, and power in every words, every time they talk.

It leads to my second point, the speaker’s energy and capability are national level of frequency. Self – compared with me, the scale that I have been into as a speaker might be around 100 people in the room. And I am still evaluating on how I deliver my presentation. Their audiences are 5 times than me in Inspigo event, and on daily basis they handle and manage to communicate and coordinate with thousands of people in their internal company and external party collectively. Not to mention their influences through many mediums : book, website, media, movies and so on. They are making an impact in their own way.

So does all of these experiences left me wonder with one question :

“What does it take to be a Rockstar like them?”

Well, what do you think? Leave in comment below!


Cognitive Flexibility by Ernest Prakasa
Source : Private Documentation

Critical Thinking by Alamanda Shantika
Source : Private Documentation

People Management by Wishnutama
Source : Private Documentation

The Inspigo Team, who worked collaboratively to make this event was a massive success, I am waiting for the next event!
Source : Private Documentation


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