These past few weeks has been really rough. Lots of news happened. One of it, is to learning that I have been a subject of talks by people out there. In a negative way, unexpectedly. I think I’ve been too naive all this time, and to see things mostly on the bright side. It is true that everything has a double sided view of story. And also, it is true that, we can not control anything but ourselves.

“Gossip dies when it hits a wise person’s ears.”

Every words that spread out just might be true. I will not against all of it, one by one. As quoted above, I hope there are more wise people, rather than the fools.

It challenges my way of thinking, and above all, my mentality. But here is my candor view :

If those people still have a time to spend on talks around me or mind my business, it is just another way to justify that, I am ahead them.

We can agree to disagree, off course.

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