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Loneliness On Process

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Barely not in the middle.

I am a hoarder of references, mood boards, series of how to, and it consumes lots of my time and energy before I start or launch something.

Google Keep and Microsoft OneNote rule me, hahaha.

My digital seven deadly sins are a sloth, whereas I interpret it on my tendencies of delay, procrastinate, slowly learned on everything mostly. It is the first bad habit.

While after succeed to kick start something that I’ve been researched for,  I am not consistent enough to keep it running. This is the second bad habit.

For example, it happens for my website and podcast process. It took almost a year for launched, and after it launched, I fail to write consistently based on my target: weekly, even I am not doing good at monthly based publication. Similar story for the podcast, I already did my research, planned for the content strategy, had a list of guest for the interview, got a birthday present for the production equipment from my beloved wife and company, and yet, I have not launched a single episode of it, and it is 4 months already.

Well my friend, if you have a similar story but with a different case, I write this just so you know that you are not alone. This note is a reflection for me to identify my error, and what to improve, also hopefully as a trigger for you to start creating, whatever ideas you have in mind. Progress.


Self – Crashed Note, written on 28th February 2017

Following are reminders on failure analogy that I love :

  1. You lack self – discipline. Obviously.
  2. You cheated on those sleepless nights and dark of the morning. While everybody who succeed, they do their part. Nothing sustain happens instantly.
  3. You trapped in a habit of eating the dessert first without eating your vegetables.
  4. You like an octopus on a roller skate. Many movements without concrete results, not sure you are going forward, backward, or sideways.
  5. You are not a champion because you do not do your road work. Do not seek for a shortcut and lose to your ego.

As Gary Vee put in his words :


Here is the jolt of my errors :

  1. My desire for perfection is getting me nowhere. Progress is always better than none.
  2. I am now aware and realize that the creating process is lonely. I got hyped and excited when I start something because there are also many people who support me and gave me kind words, but they will not always around in the process. Do not rely your creative process upon others. Remember, it is your game, not theirs.

The first milestone to solve the problem is, to realize you have a problem.

Kick start early, get feedback, improve. Speed is the key.


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