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Bloomberg 50: 2018

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Bloomberg 50 Official Announcement Poster

Most of Media Company now in a rally on publishing their each own newsworthy List of Companies of 2018, as their form of appreciation of the company’s or the figure’s achievement along the year. From all of the list, The Bloomberg 50 has been caught my attention because of this person, none of the others than Mr. Nadiem Makarim, Co-Founder of Go-Jek, the super app of ride-hailing company in Indonesia, named on this global-well-acknowledged list.

Nadiem Makarim, Co-Founder of Go-Jek Indonesia

“Succeeding in secured a $1.5 billion investment in January 2018 to take on Singapore-based rival Grab. No other app has altered Indonesian city life as swiftly and deeply as Go-Jek, which Makarim, a Harvard Business School grad, expanded from its 2015 focus on booking motorbike taxis into a way to pay bills, order lunch, or schedule a house cleaner. Now Go-Jek is making its first foray outside Southeast Asia’s largest economy, expanding into the Philippines, Singapore, Thailand, and Vietnam. The growth plan escalates its rivalry with Grab.”

Congratulation for Mr. Nadiem Makarim and all Go-Jek team, you guys made it on the global radar! From now on, there is nothing more than scaling up into global challenges, would be a whole new different league for sure. I am a proud user, and pretty sure you guys will handle it awesomely well.

Read the original article here.


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