Why are we holding back?

That we have brainwashed by the system. Since we were a kid, at the school, be it ashamed or we chose to not, our model of meaning on raising hands is equal to “more works”. We have to answer “more questions”, “more shifts”, “more homework”, and so on. Then again, it feels tiring eventually. This system of living from a social model that we live in is becoming a habit of individual leads to collective culture, that causing majority of us to hold back and unconsciously choose to not living our fullest potential.

This is the very different between an artist from a worker.

A worker would find any possible excuses to work less, but we would find this particular tendency from an artist. Because an artist would always push himself forward, asking “more questions”, looking into “more details”, and above all, fulfill “more desirable”. Solving more interesting problems.

Here my two cents: the marriage between the mentality of an artist meets the consistency of putting the work out there, would make a beautiful baby.

Inspired by the latest episode of The Futur, “Are We Teaching Kids to Solve Interesting Problems?”

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