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Ones Who Forget To Quit

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There is two kind of person that has high relatability to quit: one is Serial Quitter and one is Who Forget to Quit.

Serial Quitter is people who enjoy the excitement of starting something but never finish, and quit as soon as things get hard. Do you know other words for this type of person? A Serial Starter. Do not bother to talk about routine, patience, and consistency with these people. The problem is, they are quitting too much.

But ones Who Forget to Quit is more dangerous. The problem here, for the sake of mentality, they do not know when to quit, and unable to see that short-term of pain in quitting get in a way for the long-term gain. People might be should quitting social media right now, or quitting their job right now, or quitting any of bad habits right now, or quitting a toxic environment right now, or quitting an outdated mindset right now.

Sometimes, it is just a good idea to quit, don’t you think?


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