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Good Governance

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It is just interesting to consciously experience what as saying goes:

Bad Management makes a Good People leave, yet in contrary Good Management makes a Bad People leave.

Above is the premise of this article.

It really is simple logic. Take discipline for example, such as coming to the office on time, or meet the project datelines. Good People will attempt to give contribution to fulfill the needs of the company, while Bad People will starting to feel uncomfortable, can not comply, and when things get tough, he/she will decide to leave the company. The primary challenge is how to ensure these great talents are not outgrown the company, or another way to say it is how the company stay relevant, upgrading the operation system, and always stepping up the game.

As an Entrepreneur, I have been spending this last 5 years to build a system, good governance and transparent one for both POT Branding House and TABO Indonesia. I have seen people come and go, and now it comes down to the third generation of the company. Still in my quest, to ensure the business infrastructure and company culture to attract and keep great talent, and filter those who are not a cultural fit.

I realize it when a few days ago, as in our culture we always have a lunch together in the table. Everyone is gather around and having off-work talks. It is just a new experience for me, to see everyone who sit beside me is new in the company.

That moment lights up my leadership.

As one of their leader, I need to continue self-develop in my midst. In becoming a true great leader that hard to find, difficult to part with, and impossible to forget.

Also as a leader, I finally meet my true enemy:

My very own self.

Have you been in one of this moment?


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