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Pilot: Inbound Marketing

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Have you aware that the Market is changing?

You might feel it already, but you might be can not give a context of it, not yet.

So you probably already heard the premise that say, “If you are not in the internet, you are out of business.” I have to say that I am agree with this statement, and I am still trying to catch up and adapt with the speed of dynamic change of the internet. Every year, there are always new tools and methods to understand, to implement to the company, and basically disrupt our workflow when we try to infuse them. What happened, at least to me, was all of those options seems right and would add value to my company, especially when we in the exploration phase, then what we do is try every (free) options available, trial just to taste the experience, and we will subscribe for what is most suitable for our company needs. Sounds familiar?

What we did not know that time, those chapters was absorbing lots of our time, energy, and money. And most of all, it had an accumulation impact for the customer experience, the indecisive mentality of the company resulting ambiguity, discomfort, that leads to a bad experience for the customer.

It comes to decision making, we have to choose what is best for the company and for the customer, and we think Inbound Marketing is the most humanize method on marketing and sales. Pioneered by HubSpot, software as a service company, this method based on adaptation on the changing of market behavior. Nowadays, customer journey has been evolved, divided into 3 different stages:

  1. Awareness Stage, they are aware of experiencing problems, now thanks to the internet, they are able to do a self-research to define their problems.
  2. Consideration Stage, they come to several alternative solutions for their problems, and now they are able to do background research of those alternatives.
  3. Decision Stage, they cannot endure any longer of the problems and needs to make a decision so the problems could be solved. And the interesting part is, it could happen in no longer than 5 minutes.
Inbound Marketing Flywheel by HubSpot

Inbound Marketing allows us to attract customer at every different stage by adapt to customer needs in every stage, it puts the customer first in the core. Different from Outbound Marketing that distracts the customer by its nature, and has a tendency to force the customer to think that the solutions provided are the most right solutions for the problems.

Today, we learn about the change of the market, how it is actually changing. The upcoming article will discuss about the form and structure of Inbound Marketing concept.

Welcome to the mini-series of Inbound Marketing articles. This series will consist of 3 articles that go deep dive about this topic. It aims for you to understand and be able to implement the concept to your company, specifically. Because it is happening, and it is the future. Also, I would love to discuss with you directly if you have a particular interest in this topic. Let’s grow better, and grow together.

Much love!


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