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On Mentality

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  1. It is okay to be ordinary. We can even define what does it mean to be extraordinary by our own universe. Do not put your definition to somebody else. You will always feel losing and dwelling under other’s achievement. Happiness and joy lie in your self-growth. Focus.
  2. The more you own (and share) your insecurities, failures, and mistakes with the world, the more comfortable you will get with yourself. It also means you give no windows for other people to be offensive on your weakness. On the other day when people offended you, instead of asking “why did they insult me?”, ask yourself, “why did I feel insulted?” It is the right question to ask.
  3. Definition of the best that you can do is more likely has a high chance to be different from others. You can not control people’s expectation, the only thing you can control is your attitude. Do not be influenced and disturbed by negative energy. Just start with what you have. You do not need to meet people’s standard. There is no such thing as the absolute standard. Define your standard. Believe in yourself.

Knowing this, I am in peace.

Hopefully you are too.


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