I always excited to see the list of Forbes 30 Under 30 every year. It gives energy knowing there are youth entrepreneurs with many achievements and by overcame their own battles and challenges, they deserved to be on this worldwide recognition list. I truly believe each of them are worthy, and need to be globally known, therefore they will be able making more and more positive impacts, and take a major role in shaping a better future in a world we live in.

I believe this is critical, since they are example of The Purpose Driven Brand Owners and Change Makers.

Also, i could never be more proud to see more and more Indonesian Entrepreneurs acknowledged in the class of 2019’s list, 17 of them:

1. Amanda Cole, Founder of Sayurbox

2. James Prananto, Co – Founder of Kopi Kenangan

3. Windy Natriavi, Co – Founder of Awantunai

4. Hendri Kwik, Jefriyanto, and Ricky Winata, Co – Founder of Payfazz

5. Haryanto Tanjo, Co – Founder of Moka

6. Gitta Amelia, Founder of EverHaus

7. Angky William, Co – Founder of Stoqo

8. Aruna Harsa, Co – Founder of Dekoruma

9. Denica Flesch, Founder of SukkhaCitta

10. Agung Bezharie, Harya Putra, and Sofian Hadiwijaya, Co – Founder of Warung Pintar

11. Archie Carlson and Sugito Alim, Co – Founder of StickEarn

12. Benz Budiman, Co – Founder of Pomona Technologies

13. Steve Wongsoredjo, Co – Founder of Nusantara Technology

14. Tiffany Robyn Soetikno, Founder of P.T. Global Urban Esensial

15. Sabrina and Elena Bensawan, Co – Founder of Saab Shares

16. Ellen Nio, Investment Associate Patamar Capital

17. Aries Susanti, Indonesian Rock Climbing Athlete

Congratulations for all the awardee, see the full list here!

Cheers for the betterment of Indonesia!

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