Here is new one, redefining the term of Billionaire, it is not about people who has achieve a billion of money, but a billion of impact.

I agree with this new notion, there are so many figures that has been campaigned it since about two years ago, respected names such as Jason Silva, Vishen Lakhiani, Chris Do, Tim Ferris, Tom Bilyeu. and all the conscious entrepreneur around the world. It becomes, I quoted, an exponential singular movement.

The main different between businessman and entrepreneur is one driven by profit, while other one driven by making an impact.

I think I am having a conscious evolution from a businessman into an entrepreneur.

A billion impact has to be an utopian purpose, as a drive to keep going, as a moonshot for every entrepreneur.

A billion start with one, a meaningful impact for one person at a time.

You, could amplify this movement too as a human, embed the purpose through every kind of work you do.


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