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For The Love of The Game

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My first episode of IGTV finally uploaded!

This episode is an introduction for scope of topic that will be discussed later on, same context with this website: Business, Branding, Company Culture, and Self Growth (BBCS – or we could read it as Bi – Bi – CiS, just to simplify it in the future hahaha).

Talked about 3 points:

  1. My needs to explore and play around with new medium.
  2. For The Love Of The Game, where it refers to I do this not because of the results, trends, or anything about external factor, but simply because I genuinely love the game, the game of BBCS especially.
  3. Manifesting one of my life values and principle: “What got we here, won’t get us there.”, the truest that I found as a lesson is that, anything that I have done before, will not bring me to the new destination, therefore I have to execute something new.

I believe that insanity is if we are doing same thing over and over again and expecting different results.

Well, enjoy!


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