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The Future of Work

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We’re entering a new era of work.

For the first time in human history the Global Workforce now comprises five different generations. Workplace dynamics are shifting, and how we think about work and life is being redefined. New attitudes, new expectations, and new technology. Our understanding of productivity is changing.

But while modern technology is at the core of modern workplace, it is not only the piece of the puzzle. To meet the demands of The Future Workplace, a successful organization cannot be built on technology alone. For example, we know that work doe not just take place in the office. By 2022, 43% of the Global Workforce will be mobile (Microsoft Pulse, 2019). Leaders need to answer to answer this question: “What skills do my team need to thrive in this New Culture of Work?”. For instance, with an increasingly global and remote workforce, how do we keep our teams connected and feeling like they’re part of something bigger than themselves? And with advancement in technologies like A.I. happening at such rapid pace, how do we ensure people are equipped to use and interact with new tools in positive ways?

The successful workplace, then, is surely a mix of things. Technology, yes. But also people. Human dynamics. Getting the best out of our teams emotionally, ensuring they feel connected and empowered. The combination of both is the best possible way to set your workplace up for future success. Creating a culture that thrives.

“Becoming an Emotionally Intelligent Organization with Company Culture as a foundation, is a paramount awareness for all the leaders to have a sustainable competitive advantage to answer the upcoming challenge in The Future of Work.”

But what is a Company Culture anyway?

Company Culture is a Consensus of Normality. Every organization should build company culture in their early stage of growth. Culture happens, and it is byproduct, which the leaders could be aware about it or not, culturally unconscious organization could put the company at stake. But if we conscious about the culture, we are be able to design the culture the we love. A culture that foster trust and cooperation throughout the organization, means the leaders separate the security inside the team from the challenge outside. Well designed culture leads to stable, adaptive, and confident teams, where everyone feels they belong and all energies are devoted to facing common enemies and seizing opportunities.

“We thrived only if we feel safe among our group.”

In terms of business perspective, to achieve one goals, it takes synergy and collaboration from all entities. A great Company Culture will creates a Tribe that has same quality, this state of condition will help to achieve the goals. Company Culture increases sense of belonging and strengthen the bond between entities, this will affect productivity of the company in so many levels. Strong bond means good communication between entities, making their work more efficient and effective.

“Company Culture is one of the most superior factor to define positive direction of the company.”

Company Culture rules subtly on how the entities act and make a relationship with all the colleague of the company. Without Company Culture, the entities will work based on their own rhyme and their own act, and this is a kind of condition that does not support company’s vision. Company Culture differentiate one company to another, it also will be a determine factor for internal and external to engage deeply with the company. The analogy of Company Culture is like role of the oil in set of machine’s components that loosen up frictions yet enhance and optimized the performance of the machine. This condition will create certain level of comfort and best results at the workplace.

So, are you ready to build a Consensus of Normality in your company?

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