September has always been a month of ritual for me, an opportunity to give me a time to pause and reflect, grateful and prepare to move forward. I know everyone could be different, but I put this meaning for my birthday for the past few years.

Noise, so much noise coming from external, that I need tabayun to, for the sake of choosing the pathway of life, aren’t we all?

By the grace of God, I’ve been encountered many phases of life that shaped me due this day. When my little brother, father, and grand mother passed away, I learned about lost, to be able experience true happiness, It bring me back to the most important thing, the source of my happiness, my family. I’ll put my beloved mother and my wife, also my extended family in this context, who became my reason of being. They always there in every corner of my life, through thick and thin. Now, I understand the meaning of the weight word of family. I took my part for the necessary sacrifice and embrace the joy of the process. It was organic and nature by design. It gave me a whole new lenses on how I see life. And I think it would be complete with the presence of my future children later on, amen.

While on my entrepreneurial quest on becoming conscious entrepreneur with establishing POT Branding House and TABO Indonesia as companies, then again by the grace of God, I have been given a chance to met some of the most influential figure in this nation. Names such as Yoris Sebastian, Alamanda Shantika, Tyo Guritno, Imam Wahyudi, Lala Bohang, Theoresia Rumthe, Pipih Priyatna, Tan Tik Lam, Rara Sekar, Ben Laksana, Gupta Sitorus, Windy Ariestanty, Ulet Ifansasti, Pandji Pragiwaksono, Joko Anwar, Gibran Rakabumi and the most recently, Najwa Shihab, to taste a bit of their national frequency, where are their mentality, mindset, and perspective at.

Get to know them better, just to surprisingly, get to know me better. To test and validate where am I in this point of life, to embrace my worthiness, and to honing my self awareness, and self love. I don’t know what future holds me by all of these experience, I’ll let it become a mystery for now, but I’m pretty sure it is for the betterment of my universe, amen.

As Vishen Lakhiani said, I’m on a pathway on becoming unf#*kwithable.

I love this quote, that we can agree to disagree on, but it puts so much perspective in my life:

“People become mad, because they are taking too seriously what God was made for fun. Life.”

Life is a gift. And I already had 29 years of gift. I genuinely thank God, for life happens. May health and wealth be upon us, amen!

God is good every time, and life is always beautiful, after all.

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