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Microsoft Revival

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It will not be a long article, I just need to channeling my admiration to Satya Nadella. Learning his values and maneuver has been full in my mind lately.

He is currently a CEO of Microsoft (2014 – present), the third after the hyper – attitude leader known as Steve Ballmer (2000 – 2014), and Bill Gates himself (1975 – 2000).

The greatest source of learning for me from Satya Nadella is how he turned Microsoft through Company Culture, in my humble perspective while yes I am fully aware that it was not the sole factor of thriving level from Microsoft now. But here is one thing : Satya Nadella is the leader who have been succeed to re – discover Microsoft’s purpose, both as Company and as a Brand, and sum it into one heavy sentence, I quote :

“Our mission in Microsoft is to empower every person and every organization in the planet to achieve more. We make things that help you to make things, and make things happen.”

Satya Nadella, CEO of Microsoft

Well, take a deep look at that sentence.

What kind of person that have an ability to consciously deliver a sentence that represent core values and purpose of a 44 years old global company like Microsoft?

He is a man with a resilience yet benevolent self core values, mindset, and heartset.

It is one of the best case study of manifestation from the Brand Purpose. With purpose as an anchor, along his leadership, Microsoft succeed to deliver Windows 10 in software product category, and line of Lumia and Surface brand in hardware product category.

A bold move and a fight back, re – claiming pioneer position in this industry.

A statement.

I would love to watch other innovation from Microsoft under his leadership, wouldn’t you?

Call to Action!

What do you think about Microsoft’s purpose and its manifestation?

Leave in comment below!


Microsoft’s Windows 10 Hardware Event in 9 Minutes
Source : The Verge Youtube Channel
See Satya Nadella deliver a speech about Microsoft Purpose and Mission as a Company in 8 : 15

CEO Satya Nadella’s Vision for Microsoft
Source : The Verge Youtube Channel
An Exclusive Interview with Satya Nadella and Microsoft Flagship Store Experience 



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