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Gerobak Citra On Narasi

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Last Friday (02/08/19) POT Branding House got a chance to be coverage by one of the bravest media in Indonesia: Narasi TV, co-owned by a well-known journalist named Najwa Shihab, for our social experiment movement for umkm, Gerobak Citra Mang Ahoy.

Description of Gerobak Citra Mang Ahoy in Bahasa
Installment of Gerobak Citra Mang Ahoy identity tools on our Transportation Unit
Gerobak Citra Mang Ahoy transportation unit landed on targeted location
Ready to give back to society!
Brainstorming on visual direction
Measurement for visual production
Visual production ready to install!

It was two days long coverage, Friday to Saturday, in the segment of Narasi People, news about human interest issue with documentary format. Gerobak Citra Mang Ahoy, executed last year on March 23rd, 2018 seen to be has a humanist value by doing an education of branding to grassroots umkm, or as local says: usaha kaki lima” in the culinary industry. We succeed to support 4 umkm located in Taman Cibeunying, Bandung.

POT Branding House has anxiety and perspective that nowadays branding has become a luxury commodity that just could be enjoyed by middle-high society, but what about the grassroots? They also have a right to get a benefit of branding.

We believe the best form of protest and critique is to do something about it.

“Berkeringat Demi Masyarakat” visual asset
“Ayam Goreng Taman Cibeunying” – Before Installment
“Ayam Goreng Taman Cibeunying” – Installment Process
“Ayam Goreng Taman Cibeunying” – After Installment

There was also an issue about the degree of the profession of designer. We think before we demand the rights and acknowledgment of the profession by society, we need to show the impact of the profession itself.

Same as health by the profession of doctor, justice by the profession of lawyer, the impact of design is right of all people.

We attempted to Democratize Design.

“Semoga Menjadi Berkah” visual asset
“First Seafood Cafe” – Before Installment
“First Seafood Cafe” – Installment Process
“First Seafood Cafe” – After Installment
“Ngudi Rahayu” – After Installment
“Cintamu Tak Sedalam Makna Logoku” visual asset

We are very glad of this opportunity given by Narasi TV, so this movement has a chance to spread to the wider audiences. It should be air between March or April episode on Narasi People official youtube channel.

This is volume one, and we hope this movement could be duplicated by any designer or design studio, or branding consultant, or anybody whom in the same industry with us, especially in Indonesia.

We believe this social movement is a small ripple that could be a big wave one day.

Volume two soon!


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    Thanks for finally writing about >#024 – CONSCIOUS COMMUNION <Loved it!


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    Like!! Great article post.Really thank you! Really Cool.


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