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Authors That Shaped Me

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I decide to launch my first book about Company Culture on my 30th birthday, if I look at calendar, it will be on Tuesday, September 8th 2020.

I think I will have around 18 months to prepare, writing, and publish the book. I feel both excited and terrified, because it is one of major milestones in my life. Currently, I am building a roadmap to get there. For start, I have written a Writer’s Mapping, consist all of the writer who shaped me and inspired me to become a writer. So I dedicated this piece for all of them, as a manifestation of my gratitude. Here they are (in alphabetical order):

The Writer’s Mapping

Alamanda Shantika – she introduced me to self – love concept and live in purpose. “Purpose: Living In The Process”

Austin Kleon – for encouragement and showing how writing could and should be fun. “Steal Like An Artist”; “Show Your Work”; and “Keep Going”

Bill Gates – for give example of everything. “The Road Ahead”

Chris Do – for educational and well designed content. “A Pocket Full Of DO”

Chris Guillebeau – for showing what a beautiful community a writer could make. “The $100 Start Up” and “Side Hustle School”

Darius Foroux – for giving truth and practicality to overcome it. “Think Straight” and “Road To Better Habits”

Dewi Lestari – for showing me the formula of fantasy + science = magic! “Supernova The Series”

Gary Vaynerchuk – for his though love. “The Thank You Economy”

Hernowo Hasim (alm.) – Dani Huda’s beloved father, he disrupted my mindset on writing a book. “Mengikat Makna” dan “Free Writing”

Jeff Goins – for the Writer’s Manifesto and made me pledge to become a writer. “Real Artist Don’t Starve”

Kim Scott – for amplify my Core Values. “Radical Candor: Care Personally Challenge Directly”

Marchella FP – for proving how book could reach people’s heart. “Nanti Kita Cerita Tentang Hari Ini”

Mark Mason – for his subtle art of not giving a fuck. “The Subtle Art Of Not Giving A Fuck”

Rene Suhardono – a figure that teach me a difference between job and career: passion Your Job Is Not Your Career”

Rhenald Kasali – his book help me finish my thesis on Company Culture. “Cracking Your Values”

Sarah Cooper – for how we could find idea in daily life and for her satirical. “100 Tricks To Appear Smart In Meeting”

Simon Sinek – for helped me discover my why. “Start With Why”

The Minimalists – for open my consciousness on what matter’s most. “Everything That Remains”

Vishen Lakhiani – for Mindvalley, Mindvalley U, and The Code X Mind. “The Code Of Extraordinary Mind”

Yoris Sebastian – first role model and inspiration to write and publish a book in Creative Industry “Creative Junkies”

Thank you, thank you, thank you.

I dream and longing to meet each one of them personally.

Now, I am finish, and hailing a new beginning.


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