Hello, my name is Alby Rachman Padmakusumah.

2nd Man who second to none. A Natural Born Leader. Culture Hacker. Business, Branding, and Company Culture Enthusiast. That’s not give you a lot of detail, is it?

So read more, do not take my words, take theirs :



“Persistence, appreciator, and detail oriented. 3 words that define Alby. He accelerate every single jobs to it goals elaborately. Small winnings of great achievement is always the moral rules i cherish, his insightful thinking breath air of confidence to surrounding. His best as Business Development at POT Branding House is to make sure we’re doing it all on track, and he really do. I work with him, and trust me, he’s the kind of person you’ll never want to dissapoint.”

Bayu Rengga Mauludy

Co – Founder and Creative Director at POT Branding House



“Insightful, precise, and systematical, That’s how he is. His work ethics are without question. Held as the Brand activator, event is just like doing some workout to him, so easy to manage and so delightful to present. His thoughtful thinking bring elevating value to your personal touch.”

Kresna Akhmadi Dwitomo

Co – Founder and Design Principal at POT Branding House



“Working in the same environment with Alby is more than beneficial to my own personality and my career. Every time in a weekly meeting we held in the office is always fully packaged by the useful information about tweaked strategies and recently worldwide business insight that makes perspective go wider. His spirit as natural born leader makes every decision he made were already planned and will be executed smoothly. Surely you will be amazed when you see his stacked-notebooks full of thoughtful plans, analyzed and rhetorical writings that challenge every possibility! With his insightful thinking about self-actualization and business perspective-minded thinking within a communication that well-explained makes his mission in creative industry ecosystem are more than alive. He knows the direction that every creative need.”

Aulia Akbar

Brand Designer at POT Branding House



“If i have to describe Alby in one word, i would chose “Balance”. He is a person who strike me as passionate and idealistic, yet a strong listener and also supporter. As a classmate he showed us a unique style of leadership, with a natural talent in negotiation and strong charisma he manage to pull everyone together as a team and be less individualistic.”

Agung Bezharie Hadinegoro

Special Project Associate at East Ventures



“Alby is an initiator and aspirator to a lot of people. I was one of the people who had been followed and aspired his movement since we met at High School. Words to define him are: brilliant, systematic, strategic, people’s favourite, and one of a “great” kind. His confidence, persistence, full-of-energy, and perceiving about real world could make the surrounding manageable and strive till the end. One of the best leader and pal I ever met!”

Achmad Feisal Anshari

Assistant Sales Manager at Coca Cola Amatil indonesia



“He’s an active community guy who have successfully build his network with many prominent youth & person in Bandung. He’s also an avid learner who eager to learn anything from anyone with open mindedness & really love to discuss a broad range of issues that comes from his wide knowledge & long-time experience in many industry. One thing about Alby is he is a good team player and also a powerful leader that lead the team with his calm & friendly demeanor thus makes him really a likable person. And last, his high level of commitment that makes him ready to tackle a lot of challenge without whining & hesitating makes him a really good partner to work with!”

Adryan Hafizh

Co – Founder at PT. Kolaborasi Kapital indonesia



“Do not hesitate to say hi to the guy, even when you have no idea of who he is at first. After a few short minutes, you will know him to be a passionate man, highly sociable friend, and a great work mate. He is a fresh and soulful person, giving a vibrant atmosphere to whoever he chose to talk to. He is also positive, easy to work with, and most importantly, have such an enormous working energy packed in his relatively tall figure.”

Sutansyah Marahakim

Founder at Wordshelf Studio

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